Predator Shad Jig
Predator Shad Jig
Predator Shad Jig
Predator Shad Jig
Predator Shad Jig
Predator Shad Jig
Predator Shad Jig

Predator Shad Jig

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Hardwire Tackle x Columbia River Tackle

You asked for a smaller leaded rig jig and Columbia River Tackle delivered with the 2-1/2" predator shad lead jig featuring the same game changing pectoral fins found on their larger sculpin tube lead jigs. The fins give the jig a more natural, lifelike look and movement in the water. Paired with our proprietary plastic sculpin tubes made right here in Alaska makes this one hell of an ice fishing jig that will last bite after bite! Don't take our word for it, look for yourself! 

2-1/2" Predator Shad Jig
1/8oz lead head

Each predator shad lead jig comes with (1) rigged predator chad and (1) replacement shad body (unrigged)

All our sculpin tubes, predator shads, merminator mermaid grubs, grub skirts, grub & beaver tails and lead jigs (rigged & unrigged) are poured, rigged and assembled here in the State of Alaska using a proprietary 100% phthalate free blend of plastic and medical grade lead all Made in the USA.

Predator Shad in Action!

Size (compared to a quarter):

Glow Shads (Glowing in the Dark!):

Important notice:

This product contains lead.

Please check your local laws and regulations before ordering and using this product.
We cannot be held liable for violations, misuse, or illegal importation of this product.
Warning: California's Proposition 65
Country of Origin: USA